Michelle Hughes is a Rule of Law expert with more than 30 years of operational experience in 12 active conflicts.  In 2012, after serving as the Senior Policy and Programs Advisor for Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform in the U.S. Department of Defense, she founded VALRAC Innovation, a company dedicated to preparing the next generation to restore and strengthen the rule of law at home and abroad. 

Michelle's work focuses on building capacity for multinational, interagency, civil-military, and public-private cooperation to create accountable governance, resolve violent conflict, and enable sustainable peace. 

Michelle is a lawyer, author, and thought leader who is deeply involved in teaching and mentoring young professionals in her field.  She is highly sought after as a speaker, educator, and consultant on post-conflict stabilization, sustainable development, and the advancement of justice, security, and basic human rights.

Michelle Hughes

Rule of Law for the Next Generation